Monday, September 26, 2011

Abortion and Slavery: Americas two great Sins

Slavery to segregation, we ignored a race of peoples' inalienable rights. The very debate made most blush and was not allowed at our dinner tables. Then one man had a dream. While his words still echo in our hearts and on our televisions, we have perhaps lost some of their meaning.
     First, we had slavery, a horrendous evil. It disenfranchised generations of African Americans. If they were given their freedom they would take the white mans jobs and cost the white man money!
Then science tried to convince people of the ridiculous idea that Africans were not fully human, or not as good as the white man because of the shape of their heads. No matter how wrong it was, the desire to be just was just not as strong as the desire for wealth. America is strong only because a few stood up to the injustice. Abraham Lincoln, we thank you. 

     Next, there was segregation and racism in America; the next great evil in a great land. However if the African Americans were equal to white Americans, they would move to wealthy white neighborhoods. They would take up jobs. Again, it just was not worth the fight to many. The ignorance of some matched the hatred of others was sustained by the silence of the apathetic. One man, however, had a dream. We thank you, Martin. Today we no longer face the challenges of past oppressions, but have created all new oppressions. The inalienable rights of the child in the womb have been lost
We have segregated the child in the womb from the child in the arms because they look different. On the week celebrating Martin's great legacy, the March for Life also takes place. Coincedence? we must take the time to analyze America retrospectively to see how we are living out the dream in America today
     Abortion in America was originally created and pushed as a genocidal tactic to cleanse America of immigrants; this fact gets forgotten. Many continue to be disenfranchised and generations of all nationalities have been lost to it. That's right, human lives. Life begins at conception. However, we have segregated the child in the womb from the child in the arms. It is easy for people to close their eyes to this fact because the child in the womb is small and it is difficult to feel it kick, to hear it laugh or see it smile.
     Planned parenthood makes its money off the emotionally vulnerable, in a world afraid that the poor, minorities, and the young parent may choose to have their children, and cost taxpayers money. So, we wipe away lives like we are cleaning out the cellar of our unwanted things, bought in the heat of the moment. Instead of teaching our children to practice abstinence, we teach them to make mistakes, shirk their responsibilities, and then use brutal force to correct them. We have lost the respect of human sexuality and life. 
What would Martin say to this problem? Surely, he would do as he did, and support life, all life. Surely, he would use the non-violent approach and vote for pro-life candidates and march on Washington. 
     Despite the fact that President Obama will surely be hailed as a civil rights hero for being the African American elected President, his strongest position is in supporting the very thing created to wipe out his race, abortion. So will we stay silent and let this horrendous inequality and double standard continue, or will we stand for Martin's dream?